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Current Issue: February 2018

Welcome to the February 2018 issue of SB&F! We’re busy getting ready for the AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, TX that takes place February 15-19 this year. If you’re in the Austin area, there’s still time for you to attend the meeting. You can attend the full meeting or you can just come for the FREE Family Science Days that take place February 17-18. You can go to the AAAS Annual Meetingsite or the Family Science Dayssite to learn more about both events.

There are two important celebrations happening this month. One is African American History Month, which started 42 years ago during our nation’s bicentennial. You can check out some books and films that feature African American scientists starting on p. 45/

The other is American Heart Health Month. Our Read-Around-A-Theme this month focuses on the human heart. The selections in this RAAT help shed light on how the heart works and how we can all take care of it. (53)

Finally, as in every issue, you’ll find our monthly selection of books, media, and website reviews and our listings of upcoming science television programming.


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