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Current Issue: July/August 2017

September Issue Highlights

Welcome to the September issue of Science Books & Films. Through the first week of this month, we had been accepting nominations for the 2016 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prizes. Our editorial offices are overflowing with books and we look forward to the finalists and winners with you later this year. We will also publish a commended books list in our November issue. We’ve got some great entries this year and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Also this month, our first feature takes a look at the work of AAAS’s Project 2061 on a novel curriculum that the National Science Teachers Association Press is slated to publish in mid-September. Toward High School Biology is a collection of 19 lesson plans that places an emphasis on writing. Find out more about it in the article on p. 285.

Our second feature highlights a new STEM challenge from the folks behind the Thor movies. The Superpower of STEM Challenge gives young women the chance to create a do-it-yourself project to make life better for their friends, their family, their community, or the world. Read more about it starting on p. 288.

Our Read-Around-A-Theme this month touches on the subject of race and what science has to say about it. The resources in this RAAT can help readers understand that genetically there really is only one human race and the differences we see are only on the surface. (p. 290.)

As in every issue, you’ll find our monthly selection of books, media, and website reviews and our listings of upcoming science television programming.


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