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Current Issue:January 2016

January Issue Highlights

We begin this issue of SB&F with a very special announcement: the winners of the 2016 AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books! You will notice that the winners include not one, but two books about chickens!   The prizes, which are fully supported by Subaru, recognize recently published works that are scientifically sound and foster an understanding and appreciation of science in young readers. With a record number of submissions for this year’s prizes, our judges were kept very busy reading and critiquing books all during the summer and fall months.

If you will be attending our meeting, or live in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area, please check out our Family Science Days on February 13th and 14th. Attendees can explore interactive science exhibits, learn about cool science jobs, and have your questions answered by scientists! Family Science Days are FREE and open to all, and feature hands-on demos, shows, talks by scientists, and other activities appropriate for K–12 children and their families.

We are also introducing two new featured series this year that we hope you will find useful. The first is called “Read-Around-A-Theme” and it highlights books for children and adults, plus related resources and discussion questions all based on an interesting or topical theme. We begin the series with octopuses, inspired by author Sy Montgomery’s two excellent 2015 titles on those amazing animals.

The other series, Education@AAAS, will introduce you to some of the amazing educational programs that AAAS has to offer, starting with SB&F. If you have been following us for a while, you may know that SB&F has a long history of not just reviewing books and other resources, but also of conducting activities that help to promote science literacy and learning for all ages. In the coming months we will highlight more AAAS educational resources and activities.

Finally, this issue also includes our listing of the most highly rated books and videos published last year. Subscribers can look up the full reviews of the listed resources in our archives or by searching on our website.

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