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Current Issue:  May 2016

May Issue Highlights

Welcome to the May issue of SB&F! We especially want to welcome new readers and subscribers. In case you didn’t already know, SB&F is now included as a member benefit for all members in our Teacher membership category. We welcome all of our readers to follow the many diverse education activities conducted by AAAS and that is why we introduced our new Education@AAAS feature for the 2016 volume year. This month we feature GSK Science in the Summer™, a free hands-on science program for elementary-school children organized by AAAS in the DC Metro Area and funded by GSK. (p. 183.)

Our cover introduces you to Passage to Mars, a new motion picture documentary film on the Mars Institute and NASA’s epic Northwest Passage Drive Expedition in the Arctic. (p. 170) The film features the work of AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize winning author Pascal Lee, the director of SETI’s Mars Institute. When we met Dr. Lee at the 2015 AAAS Annual Meeting last year, we were so impressed and inspired by his passionate dedication to both his scientific work and his outreach to young people, the future explorers of Mars. We couldn’t be more excited to help spread the word about this film.

This issue also features a roundup of science-themed podcasts. To say that we’ve just scratched the surface with this list is an understatement. Science podcasts are indeed alive and well. They vary widely in topic, length, and approach to the subject matter. Our list includes some of the best of the old and the most promising of the new. (p. 172.)

Our final feature introduces a new app called Open eBooks, developed through a promising partnership of nonprofits, government agencies, and publishers. Its goal is to provide access to thousands of quality books to children in need. We will continue to follow the progress of this project and hope to soon report on some of the science titles that will be available through the app. (p. 175.)

You’ll also find our monthly selection of books, media, and website reviews and our listings of upcoming science television programming. To celebrate National Inventors Month, our Read-Around-A-Theme features a selection of books and other media to help learners of all ages explore the history of inventions, and find inspiration for their own new ideas! (p. 177.)

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