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Articles and Features

Each month SB&F publishes special features, bibliographies, and articles that focus on collection development and the integration of books and media resources into the science classroom. Some of our more popular features are listed below.

Featured articles:

Books About Women in STEM

Technology and Innovation in African American History

Holiday Gift Guides

Outstanding Science Websites for All Ages

Careers in Space Science: A Bibliography

An Explosion of Learning


Subscriber Only Content: 

Spring Highlights

Bibliography: Women in Science and Engineering.

Coffee table books depict the beauty of Science. 

November is Picture Book Month 

Science Bedtime Stories!

Perfect Pairs: Teaching Science through Literature

Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Celebrates 50 Years in Print

Selecting Science Books for Children

Science Reading Buddies

Fundraising for the Media Center

Best Science Fair Books

Cosmos: Then and Now