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A Conversation with Robert Gardner

Long time hands-on science book author and winner of the SB&F Prize Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Gardner, talks to SB&F about his writing career.

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About the Author

Robert Gardner is an accomplished, award-winning author of more than 130 science books for young readers. He has devoted much of his life to educating children in all disciplines of science. After graduating from Wesleyan University and Trinity College, he taught biology, chemistry, and physics at the Salisbury School for almost 40 years. He was department chair for 30 of those years. He has developed science curricula, was a Klingenstein Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia, and has taught at a number of summer science institutes. He retired from teaching in 1989 to write on a full-time basis.

Robert Gardner has been writing open-ended, inquiry-based science experiment books for decades. Most of his books are hands-on science books for children, but he has also written two encyclopedias and co-authored a physics textbook. His clear presentation of science at all grade levels, along with his creative writing and use of common household materials, have helped him garner excellent reviews for his books. Many of his books have been named Best Books for Children and Best Books for Junior High and Young Adults by SB&F, as well as Honor Books by the Society of School Librarians International. From Science Projects about Playground Physics to Slam Dunk! Science Projects with Basketball, Robert Gardner's books have excited thousands of children to get involved in science and to understand the scientific method, all while having fun.