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A Conversation with Kim McKay

SB&F editor, Heather Malcomson, talks with Kim McKay about her SB&F Prize winning science book True Green Kids: 100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet.

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About the Author

Kim McKay’s international career in media, social marketing and communications spans over 25 years and every continent.  A highly skilled communicator and entrepreneurial marketer, Kim has created and managed many large scale and visionary international projects.

In June 2008 she was recognized by the Australian government for distinguished service to the environment and the community and was awarded an Order of Australia (AO), one of that country’s highest civilian honours. She is currently a partner in Momentum2, a Sydney based social & sustainability marketing consultancy working on local and global projects for National Geographic Society & Qantas among other clients.

Kim has worked consistently in support of the local and global environment for two decades starting when she co-founded Clean Up Australia and then later Clean Up the World with solo ‘round the world yachtsman, and 1994 Australian of the Year, Ian Kiernan, AO.  Along with a group of friends, they were on a mission to raise awareness and take positive action in support of their local environment – the message that everyone can make a difference has been the driving theme behind her actions.

She holds a BA (Communications) from the University of Technology, Sydney and has won numerous Australian and international awards for her work in the environment and communications including a United Nations citation and IPRA’s Golden World Award for Excellence in Environmental Communication.

She has lived in the USA, UK, Morocco and Argentina for extended periods and now lives in her hometown, Sydney, Australia.